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March 9, 2023 Manulife (Brett)93426 copy.jpg

There are clients who tend to favour short-term planning and savings. After a few conversations they begin to see that the life they want needs broad-vision expertise to plan it in a way, well... that provides what they want long-term. That's what I am here for.

After more than two decades in the world of financial services, Trevor pulls from his leadership experience with a National investment and insurance company, his years as an experienced advisor, and his keen awareness and demonstrated creativity in all aspects of financial advising. His passion remains in ensuring clients are positioned to take advantage of industry changes. 

A snapshot of Trevor away from the desk includes cottage time with his wife and three teens, working towards his next black belt degree, and trying to maintain his "Alpha" position with the newest addition to their pack (the dog remains unconvinced). 

If you are looking for an advisor focused on you - not on a product - and you are ready for a real conversation about your wealth, please get in touch.

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