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Retirement Plan Consulting & Executive Compensation

Retirement Plan Consulting


An employee retirement savings plan is a key aspect for any organization to implement as part of a retention strategy for employees.


Gaining an understanding of what an organization views as a good plan for its employees, combined with an understanding of what an employee is looking for is a crucial aspect of developing and maintaining a great plan. 

At EB wealth we bring our in-depth knowledge of wealth management and financial planning into the design and maintenance of pension plans. We customize our approach to meet our client’s unique needs. A pension plan is a distinct part of an employee’s compensation package and should not be overlooked. When setting up a pension plan, we always recommend working with a team that has a deep experience and understanding of the stock market and retirement planning.

We provide the following regarding your plan:

  • Plan Design and optimization 

  • Carrier Analysis 

  • Employee Engagement 

  • Custom Employee Communication 

  • Targeted Education seminars 

Executive Compensation

A strong executive team plays a crucial roll in well run organizations. Your key executives carry large responsibilities for the success of your organization.


We work with you and your team to ensure the executive team is deriving the benefits out of your compensation package to keep them engaged throughout their employment. Providing customized packages helps attract and motivate top executives to your firm. A robust executive package that offers customized opportunities and a high level of service can be a very powerful tool.

Our approach to executive compensation focuses on the following key areas:

  • Enhanced income protection 

  • Customized products 

  • Comprehensive estate and financial planning services 

  • Key person and buy-sell arrangements 

  • Supplemental Executive Retirement Plan (SERP) 

  • Split Dollar Arrangements 

How much income is right for you?

A really important question facing anyone planning for retirement...

The Replacement Ratio - making it personal. 

What percentage of a person’s pre-retirement income will be needed to maintain their lifestyle...

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